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create_cnn() method is not working in Kaggle kernel. Couldn’t solved this issue for a long time now. I wanted to use kaggle dataset, but using kaggle library in google colabs is not possible.

Can anyone help me


I have built a model and it uses image normalization. Now i am developing a web app for this. Do i need to normalize the input image which are being fed into web app for classification?



This link has details on getting data from Kaggle to Colab

You can also look at the code here in my github, where i have downloaded dataset form Kaggle.


Yes, I think you should do so in order to help the model you have trained to get the best results. What normalization does is just reduce all inputs into a unique scale. Most of the time, this unique scale corresponds to normal distribution of mean 0 and standard deviation of 1.

Where are the resources for part 2 of the program(dates and times etc). How do we register? If it is not yet available, when will it be available?

There is a in-person registration form linked from homepage.

This states Part 2 will run March 18 - April 30 (7 weeks).

It’s currently not decided whether it will be possible to register for a livestream like part 1.


The GCP discussion thread seems disappear right ? I cannot access to it anymore


I am using ImageItemList.from_csv to read my data and my aim is to display the file name for which prediction went wrong from validation set. So i tried following but it returned me only the index image.

interpCat = ClassificationInterpretation.from_learner(learn50_cat_breed)
interpCat.plot_top_losses(9, figsize=(15,11))
losses, indexes = interpCat.top_losses()

top_loss_paths = data_cat_breed.valid_ds.x[indexes]

Here top_loss_paths returning me indexes from validation data set which have gone wrong and i can see the images by following simple command.


I need to get file name but unable to get the name from index. Can anyone please help me how to get the filename?

Yeah I’m having similar issues on android (audio works fine on PC…)

I haven’t figured out the cause yet. It works fine on my iPhone and on the computers of my colleagues sitting right next to me, but not on my laptop for some reason. I tried all the standard browser troubleshooting (clearing cache, different browsers, etc.) nothing worked. No idea whats going on.

If possible, it gets even weirder here: so I only have the issue when I play over my phone’s speaker. Other yt videos play just fine over the speaker.if I then connect headphones the sound from the lesson is perfectly fine…

No clue, I guess we’ll never know haha…

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Going through the video lectures, several lecture notes caught my attention. It was easy to search for and find topics. One which caught my eye was that shared by @hiromi here:

Here’s a little change (only for lesson 1) that I made and put them under Github pages. See example:

I used Markdeep here.

Please let me know what you think about it? Is it a good idea to add similar pages to for each lesson?


I’ve got a 16 hour flight coming up… downloading all of the videos to watch on the flight as we speak… Many thanks to Jeremy and his team!

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Just started setting up the new course. When I use the promo code for paperspace it says " Error! Could not claim promo code (code is expired)". Just wanted to let you know.


Hi Forum Admins,

I noticed that the access to the “Advanced Discussion” sub-forum is still private even after the launch of the course to everyone. Is this intended?


I found your site and spend a whole day ,It seems a great work!
But I don’t know how to start. How to set up ? The site and website seems very very messy for me.
I read and searched forum and watched video.
But the video is not clear for me. How to start?
It is very hard for beginners although I am familiar with deep learning and tools (caffe,TF, pytorch) for several years. Your course seems hard to follow.

You can start with Google Cloab. If you’re not sure how to work with Google Cloab. Do let me know.

Thank you .
I can run lessons on Google Cloab

@jeremy are we also getting a new machine learning course?

Are there special installation steps for running the fastai code in a windows machine?