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(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #1

This topic is for anyone to chat about anything you want, as long as it is at least somewhat related to the course! (It’s fine if you drift off topic a bit though.) folks probably won’t be following this thread closely however, so if you want to ensure that your questions that answered, put them in a relevant topic.

Tentative lecture schedule?
Where is the YouTube live stream details?
Lesson 1 Discussion ✅
Platform: AWS EC2 (DLAMI) ✅
Study Group in French
Lesson 1 Discussion ✅
Lesson 1 Discussion ✅
Lesson 1 Discussion ✅
Lesson 1 Discussion ✅
Lesson 1 Discussion ✅
(Bigyan Karki) #5

@jeremy just for clearance, this course covers part 1, and not part 2 right?

(alparslan mimaroğlu) #6

that is correct


Many thanks for approving the nomination @jeremy.
Looking forward to the course.


(Avinash) #8

yes, this one’s for part 1. Part 2 version of the course for 2018 ended sometime back and the lectures are available.

(Faris Baker) #9

Many thanks to you. I am looking forward to the course.

(tom cohen) #10

will we be able to view the lectures even after the live session ends ? (i can watch it the same day , but in my time zone the course is at 4 am)

(Memunat A. Ibrahim) #11

thank you! :smile:

(Arul Bharathi) #12

Excited and looking forward to it!

(Maxim Pechyonkin) #13

We should be able to watch them after live session is over.

(Medhat Omr) #14

Many Thanks and looking forward to it!

(Jörg Simon) #15

Thanks a lot! Looking forward too!

(Yi peng Neo) #16

thanks! :grinning:

(Vivek Viswanathan) #17


(yogesh gurjar) #18


(Dinesh) #19

Looking forward to v3.
I took part in lessons v1 and v2, it was really great.

(Krishna Gopal Shrivastava) #20

My sincere thanks for accepting the nomination and granting this opportunity !

(Daniele Galiffa) #21

Thanks very much for such a fantastic opportunity

(Kurian Benoy) #22

Thanks looking forward to Version3

(Vijay Narayanan Parakimeethal) #23

I had a query. If i wanted to find out which version of the fastai library I am on, how can I find that from the jupyter notebook. fastai.version did not work for me.