Forum features - edit post feature is limited to 5 edits without warning

Overall, the forum features are functional and awesome! However, I came across an unexpected limit of 5 edits allowed per post when attempting to edit this one: Sagemaker Notebook deployment problem - no FastAi kernel - #10 by deep_learner

I admit that having a limit on editing posts is a good practice (to impose discipline re posting edited content) - I will try to be more disciplined at editing going forward! :grinning:). That said, it would be great to have a warning re this limit (5 edits) or at least a way to back out of the empty edits (my last edit was an accidental save w/o changing content after editing the post on my mobile).

  • If you have come across the same issue, how did you handle it?
  • In case I missed something (by either misinterpreting the issue or not seeing the simple solution), please kindly share the solution.

Thank you!