FFNN - Feed Forward Neural Network

Team, Greetings from India.
I was using Scikit Library (SK Learn) to train a simple feedforward neural network with two layers and in them 4 and 2 neurons respectively. It is a regression problem, with 6 input features and 4 different outputs to be predicted.
Results are satisfactory, but not very high(r2 score between test data and predicted data is around 0.8) however, I want to crosscheck my results with fastai api.

Forum has some sprinkle mention of FFNN ( links at the end of the post). However, there is no concrete help there.

If someone has used fastai for regression problem using a FFNN kindly let me know in the comments and how you approached the problem. Code would be helpful.

in search i have found these links:

Kind Regards
Mayur Nawal