Fastai v4 vourse

Is there a plan to livestream fastai v4 course this year? How can one enroll in it?

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Jeremy said there won’t be a v4 this year as he’s working hard on fastai v2, but we can expect some smaller courses eventually (GAN, object detection, etc). I’d highly recommend the code walkthroughs to learn about the new API though :slight_smile:


I see that the next course is due to run at UoSF on March 17th. I was wondering if anyone knew when approximately this would be released as an online course (v4)?

We are targetting mid-July for the release of the MOOC (and the official release of fastai v2, and the book).


Hi @sgugger,

I’m a little confused about the versions of the course. I just started following along with “fastai course v-3”. You are mentioning that version 2 is the newest course, and people in slack are talking about a version 4 that they are currently working on right now… We even had a meeting to present our homework from lesson 2, and I was definitely not working on the same lesson 2 they were…

Would you mind clearing up my confusion ?

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If you did not register with USF about following the last version of the course (v4) you do not have access to the private forums and lectures (they will all be public when the MOOC is released in July).

It seems your confusion is due to the difference in course versions and library versions.

There is the fastai v2 library which is a newer version of the fastai library. Note that fastai v1 was used in course v3, but now fastai v2 is used in course v4. As Sylvain mentioned, course v4 is being offered to USF students, while the MOOC version will be released in July.

Does that clarify things?


Absolutely, thank you very much! :smiley:

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What is USF ? Can we register for USF student now or is it too late?

USF is the University of San Francisco, which is the university the course is hosted at.
The course is already over (finished on Tuesday). You will have to wait for the online release in July. In the meantime, you can check the older version of the course at
The older version is very similar, just that the library is somewhat different, but most of the concepts are the same.

Hello @sgugger:
Could you kindly let us know when will be the tutorial video for Course_4 available for public

Around July, the course got over last Tuesday and will be made public in a couple of months!


Where will it be broadcast online? in Youtube?

It will be similar to how the previous courses were (like v3), so they’ll all be uploaded to his youtube channel presumably all at once

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Can anyone tell me whether the FastAI course v4 part 2 will be based on Foundations of deep learning like that in v3 or it’s gonna teach us concepts similar to part 2 of the previous courses?

We do not know yet. Jeremy said that we’ll go entirely through the book before going to other topics and see from there. He’s mentioned wanting to bring back certain subjects like object detection etc but it’s unknown if this will be in part 2 or a separate course similar to the NLP.

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Which code walkthroughs?

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Very fair question :slight_smile: Jeremy did some source code walkthroughs a few months back that are excellent. Some parts have changed slightly (very slightly) but they’re a great resource for understanding the internals.

Hi @sgugger Curious (and eager) to know when course v4 videos from this year are getting released?

+1 when is course releasing.?