Fastai + huggingface wiki: please add issues, requests, etc

See here:

Just made the first edit a few minutes ago, but surely there is more to include :slight_smile:

For folks involved in anything huggingface, this is the place to address the issues you are having w/r/t to working with that library in fastai as well as recommendations for general improvement. Please include any relevant forum posts or projects at the bottom as well as help flesh out the issues and needs in the “Issues/Recommendations” section.

Any questions, I think we can talk about them here.

Going to @ mention a few folks I know have been doing work with huggingface … sorry in advace. @morgan, @muellerzr, @Richard-Wang, @sgugger, @pierreguillou


Nice work, great descriptions and suggestions. Do you think its worth adding something related to the named tensors that HF just implemented (to complement the dict integration)?

Also, do you think its worth adding a wrapper to utilise the tokenizers from transformers and/or tokenizers library?

Where is the info on the named tensors functionality? Haven’t seen that, but it makes sense to add it to the wiki as we’re likely to see more frameworks likely incorporate named tensors as well.

Sure. Maybe a recommendation that the option exist in fastai to use either???

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Hi, I have added hugdatafast that I just released to the wiki page section 5. Any thoughts welcomed.

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