FastAI course v4 MOOC

Thanks for the update Jeremy! For me that’s perfect timing since I’ll have finished my Python refresher course.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to get the course v4 running on. google colab…
how do I install all the dependencies from colab, such that

  1. the file is found correctly everytime and
  2. I do not have to install the requirements.txt everytime

When the course goes live there will be directions in a thread dedicated to Colab available.


sorry if the question seems redundant im new here
FastAI course V4 will be released with new bunch of videos right?
or is it only course notebooks that are released.

Also any updates on the timeline of release? Eagerly waiting for the course.

It will be with videos, just as it was with v3

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will the course be taught with fastai2?

Yes, it is. While you’re waiting there are plenty of fastai2 resources if you wish to learn a little about the API. Jeremy has his code walkthroughs and I have my walk with fastai2 course


thank you so much i will get right on with that

Does anyone know if there is a discussion on transformers and attention models in fastai course v4? These seem to be quite popular these days and a promising direction for deep learning in general.

No. Not in the intro (what the part 1’s are designed to be). That is discussed in Rachel’s NLP course.


Another architecture that is very powerful, especially in “sequence-to-sequence” problems (that is, problems where the dependent variable is itself a variable-length sequence, such as language translation), is the Transformers architecture. You can find it in a bonus chapter on the book’s website.

There is a short passage in chapter 12 of the book that sounds promising. Maybe we can hope for transformers being included in later parts of the course :slight_smile:

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Hey! Just wondering if anyone has any updated news on this since it’s August and it hasn’t been launched yet. Thanks!


2 weeks are up tomorrow Jeremy! :slight_smile:

Dont think its gonna be released any time soon.
they are releasing fastai2 along with the course so due to that dependency its causing a delay.
Im guessing atleast 1-2 months.
better to start with fast ai V3

Only Jeremy knows that time, and I doubt it would be that long, but yes when it is done it will be released. Jeremy has been working extremely hard to get it ready to be pushed, so please just be patient :slight_smile:


@pratt3000, @gbachik It will be out in few weeks. Jeremy confirmed.

See this topic for more.


any updates ?
@jeremy @muellerzr

See my above post. We will update when we have an update.

@nitinmewar don’t do that.


i am just curious about it. sorry for disturbing.