FastAI course v4 MOOC

Another architecture that is very powerful, especially in “sequence-to-sequence” problems (that is, problems where the dependent variable is itself a variable-length sequence, such as language translation), is the Transformers architecture. You can find it in a bonus chapter on the book’s website.

There is a short passage in chapter 12 of the book that sounds promising. Maybe we can hope for transformers being included in later parts of the course :slight_smile:

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Hey! Just wondering if anyone has any updated news on this since it’s August and it hasn’t been launched yet. Thanks!


2 weeks are up tomorrow Jeremy! :slight_smile:

Dont think its gonna be released any time soon.
they are releasing fastai2 along with the course so due to that dependency its causing a delay.
Im guessing atleast 1-2 months.
better to start with fast ai V3

Only Jeremy knows that time, and I doubt it would be that long, but yes when it is done it will be released. Jeremy has been working extremely hard to get it ready to be pushed, so please just be patient :slight_smile:


@pratt3000, @gbachik It will be out in few weeks. Jeremy confirmed.

See this topic for more.


any updates ?
@jeremy @muellerzr

See my above post. We will update when we have an update.

@nitinmewar don’t do that.


i am just curious about it. sorry for disturbing.

We should be Patient, :pray:t4: :pray:t4: :pray:t4:

The Fastai Team are doing a great job for everyone (like me, for example) who wants to get into Machine Learning and Deep learning and even further .

It’s not easy do that material and even make it public and free.

TheFfastbook is amazing, It’s free for everyone on :clap:t4: :clap:t4: :clap:t4:


I startred this in oreilly and faced some issues particularly with PIL version. Guess the requirements.txt was not updated in github to the right version

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another detail from notebook 2(chapter 2). The book says we should just sign into microsoft and get the azure key . Its not that easy as it sounds

Getting azure key steps(India)

  1. Login to Microsoft azure

  2. Start Free trial of services

  3. Give the required details and Card Information

  4. Search for azure cognitive service - Bing search in the serach bar

  5. Once deployment is completed, go to deployment details(Click on the resource group name)

  6. Go and get the key information from the left side panel

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you’re using a draft version of a book with an unreleased version of the library. there may be issues you need to work around on your own.

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I thought the book is already released! I can see it in kindle version in amazon as well. Oreilly also didnt mention this is draft version

Oh, possibly, the paper book is out but I thought you were running notebooks from the draft version in GitHub?

i am using

for notebook

and the online book from oreilly

It uses fastai2, that’s one stem of your issue. That’s the old course

this is the notebook I should be using . Right?

I came here via , -> ->
to Colab

That is the right notebook, however the course is not live yet so the still is v3