Fastai cookbook

It would be really nice to have a cookbook for fastai. I often struggle trying to find best way to do certain tasks and end up spending a lot of (unnecessary) time.
We could make this a wiki thread and have everyone contribute and improve the recipes.


You’ll find base recipe notebooks in fastai/docs_src/ they are really well done and pretty extensive.


Yup I know, but they only cater to basic usage which gets also covered in the lesson notebooks. If your model is not working well and you need to troubleshoot, then its a bit of struggle.
For e.g. when my text classifier is not giving the correct output, what should I check next? How can I see the top losses? How can I update the training data? (This was demonstrated for but not supported for fastai.text IMO)
Also see this post. Would be nice to consolidate all such intelligent tricks in one place.

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I should find to time to summarise my experience and understandings on the “Data Block Api” on holidays…

Definitely we can join our efforts!

BTW: great name “FastAi Cookbook”


Its standard terminology :slight_smile:

This thread is a perfect example for why we need it badly.

Nobody should be required to spend a few hours trying to do a routine thing.

@jeremy : Pls share your thoughts. If we can convert this thread into a wiki, everyone here can contribute towards creating and maintaining it.


It took me some time, but eventually I’ve published!