Fast.AI Fast learning study group 2024 - lesson 3

Hi Everyone,
I’m reaching out to connect with others who are currently in lesson 3 of the course. I think it would be beneficial for us to have weekly study sessions where we can discuss challenges we’ve encountered and share our learnings. If you’re interested, please comment below! Let’s support each other in our learning journey.


hello brother, I have just gotten through lesson 1 video for the 2020 course, but have to go back and read everything again to complete the questionnaire quiz at the end. I also have the kindle e-book. I’m interested in joining the study group.

I’m living in Japan so I’m in JST and am quite flexible in my timing. i can send you my email privately.

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Hello Moiez, Happy to connect. I have also got the book and doing the quiz. Currently, I am on chapter 2 of the book. Based on JST and EDT time zone I will set up sometime this weekend to connect and share knowledge.

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I would also take part in the study group…I will be starting with lesson 1 today so I have to do catch up till I reach lesson 3. But I would be interested to take part. I am in European Summer time zone.

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Also interested in this group altho Iam at part 6 I would love to reconnect on earlier lessons

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Hey! I’m down to join. I’m in EDT.

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Thank you so much everyone for your interest in joining this study group. Let’s learn in a fast way.
Based on JST, CEST and EDT zone. I have scheduled a meeting at below time.

Please use this link to join: FAST.AI 2024 fast study group
Sunday, 21 April · 9:00 – 10:00am
Time zone: America/Indiana/Indianapolis
Google Meet joining info
Video call link:


nice, that timing works for me!

I’d like to join as well. I’m in Brussels right now, how did you know? :slight_smile:

EST I’m interested

Cool sounds like a plan…lets meet guys

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sorry everyone, I won’t be joining. I realized that I prefer to just discuss things over text/messaging in some sort of group chat like a discord/slack than go online. Anyways, hope you all have a product sesh!

In case you didn’t know there is a discord for FastAI started by Jeremy himself. You can probably ask any questions you have about the course there and other things related to DL.


When will there be next session?

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Thanks, @Barto I have joined the discord, and I have created this session to get to know the people who are currently in a new learning phase and the issues they are facing. @marcin.wizgird, instead of biweekly, I am thinking of hosting 1 session every month to cover at least two to three lessons.

@Rudra12 , I will recommend so that we create relative session plan in terms of topics being covered for the next two months. The participants - as I assume - would draw the biggest value for answering question floated by the group members, showcasing our projects and solution to the exercises. Covering all of these elements even for one lesson may occur to be quite challenging :). Therefore, my suggestion is to keep weekly sessions :).

Hi, is this still ongoing? I just started the course and would be interested in joining.

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Welcome to FastAI. I don’t know wanted to ask the same thing.

I have just started lesson 1. Have some math and stat background. Learning coding on the side. Will be interested to join any ongoing study groups, especially with people who are in lesson 1.

Guys so maybe as team we would align the date of the next session. Shall we meet next Tuesday at 3PM UCT?