Fast.AI Fast learning study group 2024 - lesson 3

Hi everyone, I took a break due to some health issues. @marcin.wizgird suggested that we could set up biweekly meetings to learn from each other or arrange working sessions to team up and learn together. Please thumbs up or like this comment if you are interested. I will send an invite.


Hi I would like to join the group as well

Hi, I’m also interested in joining the group!

Hi all, I have set a biweekly meeting for Saturday, feel free if anyone wants to join:
FAST.AI Meeting Invite
Saturday, 25 May · 8:30 – 9:30 am
Time zone: America/Indiana/Indianapolis
Google Meet joining info
Video call link:


Hey ya’ll! FYI, I’m running my second Part 1 study group. We’re restarting with lessons 1&2 beginning thursday 5/30 @ 6pm EST(NY time).

You all are welcome to join. I personally am simultaneously taking Part 2.

Here is some info: MEETUP LINK

This is the google meet:


Also if you all are meeting again I’ll send some people from my group over. Cheers!

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Hello everyone!
I’m from Russia.
Let’s make a study group. I’m learning lesson 3 now and I’m comfortable to meet 6:00-14:00 GMT+3.