Famous Deep Learning Papers(including Artistic style) in a pseudocode format

I found this GitHub repo that helped me understand artistic style a bit more. There are other papers explained in a pseudo-code format.
I think it will be helpful for people with non math backgrounds.

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Thanks! This has been super useful in understanding papers. It certainly helps in breaking down the math and the implementation steps.

Thank You @harveyslash . This is very helpful.

I also forked that github and converted all the markdown to ipython notebooks so that it can be easily viewed.
I thought its more convenient this way for the purpose.

If interested you can clone below git


or do it manually using just 2 lines of code:

cd to the original git repo
for i in find . -name "*.md"; do notedown $i > ${i}.ipynb ; done

cd to the readme.md directory
sed -i ā€˜s/.md/.md.ipynb/gā€™ *.ipynb # this is to convert the links from readme so that its easy to navigate