OpenAI - ML / Deep Learning Paper Summaries


I am participating in the nanodegree of udacity. A tutor advertised their project to summarize deep learning papers.
I think this could be interesting for this community as well:
dhruvp [7:17 AM]
Hey @here! For those of you interested in participating in the latest research in the field I have a cool opportunity for you. I’m working w/ Jack Clark at Open AI to crowdsource summaries of the latest papers in the DL field. If you want to participate, here are the steps:

  1. Pick paper:
  2. Fill form:
  3. See all summaries:



cool. I actually came across one of the review papers in the list. It’s a great complementary paper to review part 1 with.

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If its any help,

Has many summaries. They could build off of that

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