DSNet: Virtual Study Group: Part 2, 2019 (Saturdays)

Hi Everyone!

Edited and updated on 30th July:

We’ve just finished the Part 1 revision groupa and we’re all set to start with Part 2 (virtual meetups).

I’ll update this thread ASAP once we have the agenda decided, the first meetup for Part 2 of the course will be on 3rd August, 2019.

About Data Science Network

Data Science Network: is an India focussed community of Data Science Enthusiasts. An initiative by @aakashns, @siddhantujjain, @crazydiv, myself.
You might have heard of DSNet from the meetups in Bangalore, we are trying to expand the community and help the DS community in India (and hopefully grow overseas).

You’re most welcome to join our slack: invite, where we also have a lot of other great activities, workshops hosted by @aakashns (All things PyTorch :slight_smile: )

Details for the Meetup Saturdays,
Time: 4PM IST

Zoom link: TBD

You can also join our newsletter for automated reminders about the study group: http://eepurl.com/ghcImr


great initiative

Added meeting link, details for the first meetup.

I saw some of the videos on youtube. Can anyone participate? How does it work? I don’t see any details, unless I am missing something.

@Moondra - Yes anyone can participate. This is part of DSNet community https://medium.com/dsnet and may be more suitable for IST timezones.

Special Announcement for July 6th Meetup:

DSNet will be doing a Workshop (Online + In-Person in Bangalore), everyone is welcome to participate (For free, ofcourse)

The workshop is aimed to give you a taste of kaggle and how to use fast.ai for image competitions. Note this will be a very beginner friendly comp and the only pre-req is watching Lec 1-4 from fast.ai.

Schedule: 4-6PM IST, Saturday 6th July for the workshop
Competition: Runs from 4PM IST until 8AM Monday IST
We will also try to award prices to the best performers.

Zoom Link to join virtually: https://zoom.us/j/804236055
Sign up here for a reminder: http://eepurl.com/ghcImr

Thanks for completing it :slight_smile: I learned a lot during this sessions