DSNet: NLP Virtual Study Group

Hi Everyone!

About the Study Group

The study group format will be the same as our the TWiMLAI study group and the DSNet revision group

Weekly Video Conferences hosted on Zoom, everyone is welcome to join. Each and every question is welcome, everyone can contribute and participate :slight_smile:

The meetups will be hosted by me, mini-presentations are also welcome, please ping me or leave a comment here if you like.

(Poll is still running, will be updated by Thursday)

1-1.5 hour Zoom Call Starting:

  • Lecture 1: July 14th

(Zoom link will be posted here)

About Data Science Network

Data Science Network : is an India focussed community of Data Science Enthusiasts. An initiative by @aakashns, @siddhantujjain, @crazydiv, myself.
You might have heard of DSNet from the meetups in Bangalore, we are trying to expand the community and help the DS community in India (and hopefully grow overseas).

You’re most welcome to join our slack: invite , where we also have a lot of other great activities, workshops hosted by @aakashns (All things PyTorch :slight_smile: )


Will join (should be fun synching IST with PST, lol). Thanks for what you’re doing with Data Science Network, great stuff!



Is this on ?

I would like to join