Differences between thw 2016 and 2018 course edition

Hi, I found fastai while asking in stackoverflow for some answers, I started to see the videos 2016 videos, they are awesome and so far I am in lesson 3 very exited for all I am learning.

Now I see you have published the 2018 courses and looking at the code I see some differences, what do you think I should do? should I start over the course from lesson1 of the 2018 edition or is better to finish the current one?

One thing I like about the new edition is that seems python3 is used

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If you’re in the middle of v1 of the course, I’d strongly encourage you to switch to the new v2. It’s a huge step up from v1 in terms of the quality of models that you’ll learn and the amount you’ll be able to do. If you’ve already completed v1, you’ll find most of v2 is new, so it’s worth doing as well (especially lessons 2-4).

About 600 students completed the course in person or through the international fellows program, so there’s lot of folks on the forums ready to help you in your learning journey.


@jeremy, can you just help me these queries:
Will I be losing up on concepts and content by shifting from version 2016 of the course to the 2018 one?
Where can I access the github repo for the DL2 notebooks?

No you’ll be gaining new concepts, but not losing any.

The repo plus all other lesson resources are in the lesson 1 wiki thread: