"Deep dive" deep learning walk-thrus ✅

During the four week break from the main lessons, I’m planning to do a number of detailed walk-thrus of completing each lesson, with minimal assumptions about background knowledge or setup. I’ll be showing how to set things up, from scratch, in what I view as being the optimal way.

This will be best suited to people who either haven’t used stuff like git, the terminal, etc before, aren’t familiar with the intricacies of Python (e.g list comprehensions, numpy, etc) – but want to learn – and/or want to see exactly how I use this tools and techniques to get the best out of them (and are prepared to be patient as I start right from the beginning!)

I plan to do them at 11am Brisbane AU time (click that link to see in your local timezone), and to record them. Ideally, I’d love to find some enthusiastic students that are keen to really understand this course deeply and thoroughly, who will ask lots of questions and make it really interactive for me!

If you’re interested in following along on this journey, please let me know how you’d most like things to work. Either I could do it over Zoom, in which case you could join the Zoom meeting and ask questions or make comments directly over audio/video, or I could do it over YouTube Live, in which case you could ask questions or make comments over the YouTube text chat. The latter might be better for folks who are a little uncomfortable having their face and voice included in public lessons, whereas the former might be better for people who want to ask questions but remain anonymous. Either way, I’ll make recordings available for these lessons.

If these lessons sound like they might be of interest to you, please answer the following poll question about what format would be best for you:

How would you like to join “deep dive” walk-thrus?

(If you don’t plan to join, please do not answer this poll.)

  • YouTube Live (text questions)
  • Zoom (audio/video questions)
  • Recording

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This definitely looks like a great beginner opportunity and to get some good hands on the tools and subject. Count me in and also can contribute if needed.

@jeremy are you also planning to show how to use Nbdev with Jupyter, write tests, ci/cd all from Jupyter and how to get most out of Jupyter as well ?

Great idea. I would tend to call them “From Scratch” rather than deep-dive (of which the most awesome is Linux From Scratch). This is something I would enjoy participating in, but probably my day job conflicts. I’ve voted Zoom so you can subtract that vote if its a close thing.

btw, Zoom advertise you can do both, though I’ve no direct experience with it…

The 20 second chat latency for youtube+Zoom doesn’t seem much worse than youtube-only Low Latency described here…

But maybe its not worth the risk from additional complexity.

That’s a good point!

BTW is there a time during the day before 3p Brisbane that would work better for you? I’m not wedded to 11a, but it’s most convenient for me - having said that I need to find a time people can actually join!


Not at this stage - just the stuff needed to understand the details of what’s in each lesson. So we’ll do just enough nbdev to handle the exporting of a script.

I wondered about that, but in the past I’ve used that term to mean a bottom-up approach to teaching (which is pretty much how the LFS book handles it too).

Still looking for a better term than “deep dive” or “from scratch”…

If we have it after the lunch, it would be better for forks from India (IST timezone). We can see the recording if that time doesn’t work.

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I think more people would join “live” if the time was at least 2 hours later. I know I would :stuck_out_tongue:

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Might be too late for east coast US though…


In India the time is 6:30AM. It’s not too bad compared to folks in Europe region who has it like early morning. I won’t mind waking a bit early to learn from Jeremy :slight_smile:

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Hi @jeremy
Love this idea! What will be a great way to be a little better prepped. I am trying to see if I can gather momentum from one of these walkthrus, get involved with a group of people and say go after a Kaggle competition or other maybe a more academic exploration.

Another thing I had in mind:
I would love to get involved with fastai feature dev and bug fixing work in addition to such tutorial sessions. I am aware of a discord server but not sure how the dev work goes usually. Thanks

Its all good here in ET! 9pm is wayyyy better than 4am IMO
Oh wait later than 9pm might be a bit late yea…

11a works for me - would be very interested in this series!

I really appreciated the tip on selecting a whole function, copying it into a new cell and then splitting each line into its own cell. Believe it or not I’ve been doing that by manually creating new cells and copying and pasting each line into each newly created cell.

But when I tried the [ SHIFT & CTRL & - ] (that’s a dash at the end) combo it started creating empty cells below the current cell instead of splitting the line. I googled and found out that it splits the text at the cursor. But Jeremy was doing it so fast it seemed like he was only pressing Shift+Ctrl+(-) combo.

Things like these are really helpful but they need to be explained to newbs in detail because its hard to replicate it even after seeing it done before your very eyes.

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Nah! 9pm EST is just perfect actually!

Wow, I was just looking for a class of that sort and found nothing. I am definitely interested. Thank you!

Such is the vaguary of language. I see how it can be viewed that way. For me it means avoiding a domino chain of dependencies that prevent people doing stuff. Like I might say, go and do “Z”, but you can’t, because it relies on “Y” that you don’t know about “Y”, and you get stuck trying to discover “Y”, because that relies on an unknown “X”. When you reach far enough back that the majority aren’t hitting these unknowns, together with a recipe provideing a forward path to “Z”, for me that is “from scratch”.

Maybe… “Essential deep learning walk-thrus”

Maybe we just don’t need an adjective.

“Lesson walk-thrus”.


This sounds great. Thank you Jeremy for doing this!
Re time, from my limited (sorry!) time zone knowledge. Between 11-15 Brisbane time, IST, PDT works well i think, CEST and EDT are trouble time zones here :slight_smile: It’s either too early in Europe or too late in US east coast…
Anyway i can watch recording later and ask questions in the forums.

Fantastic idea - I’m super keen to join in via any mode as 11AM works well for me ATM. I have been feeling quite overwhelmed because of the amount of information present and available here, as I am an absolute beginner. This looks like an excellent opportunity for folks like me (or just me) to make a change towards my learning style. Thanks Jeremy!
I did want to ask though - How long will this session be for?
voted for Zoom for now as don’t have meetings at that time for now but i am flexible with either approach and/or changed timings to accommodate majority interests. :slight_smile: