Crestle [easier alternative to AWS]


great thank you very much!

I was trying to play around with the statefarm-sample notebook and faced a couple issues with getting the data loaded.

Per your suggestion, I changed the directory to /datasets/kaggle/state-farm-distracted-driver-detection/train however when I try creating a sample folder within train I am prompted with an error suggesting this is a red-only file system. I’m also getting similar errors with the cats vs. dogs redux competiton as well.

Is there any way I can work around that?

Separately, I tried running the cats-vs-dogs-redux and I get the following error when I try importing vgg and utils (line 5 of the code):

(Anurag Goel) #83

Since /datasets isn’t writable, you’d have to find a way to create your sample sets in your home directory.

Regarding the other error, I suspect you already have another notebook that’s utilizing (or at least occupying) the GPU. Because Theano is configured to get all of the GPU memory, you’ll need to stop all other running notebooks if you want to run a new one with GPU enabled.

(Nikhil Kansal) #84

Hi @anurag I’ve been using Crestle for about a day and I was wondering how tensor flow was set up for the machine?

I get the following warnings when I import tensor flow and based on what I’ve read ML on Crestle would be much faster if the library was compiled to use these machine instructions:

(Moses Soh) #85

hey @anurag, i’ve been playing around with crestle, it’s great!

small thing - how tough would it be for you to allow changes to the themes of our notebooks? i installed jupyter-themes but ran into permission errors when i tried to modify my notebooks.

(Anurag Goel) #86

@nkansal96 you won’t see the warning anymore.

@mosessoh I’ll look into adding jupyter themes.

(Nikhil B ) #87

Hey @anurag, I’ve been trying Crestle for the past few days, great to hear from you last eve.
Other than git clone from a repo, what is a good way to import new datasets into my home dir, can I ssh into this machine?

(Anurag Goel) #88

You can’t ssh into it, but you can use wget or git clone in the terminal.

(Ravi Sekar Vijayakumar) #89

Hi Anurag, I am trying to use the /dataset/cifar-10-python dataset but the folders data_batch*, test_batch etc. are files. How do we use them ? I tried tar xvfz/xvf in vain.

(Robert Salita) #90

@anurag I’ve got two major concerns.

First, Crestle had a bad debut at Lesson 1v2 a couple days ago. The service became unavailable during the live presentation. What happened and how have you addressed the issue? We don’t favor a service that is unavailable at critical times, regardless of convenience or price.

Secondly, not specific to Crestle, I’m concerned with the universal problem of being charged with idle connections. I started my Crestle session at the beginning of the live presentation, got wrapped up in the lesson, Discourse issues and chat, forgetting to stop the session. I received an email that I had an apparently idle session (good) but it said I would not be getting another such email if it happened again with the same notebook (bad). If it had been a GPU session, it could have become an expensive mistake. What can a cloud provider and user do to prevent this? Is there an idle timeout, or max session time feature?

I was hoping that Crestle would be a suitable alternative to buying a DL desktop but after these experiences, I’m ready to pull the trigger on a DL desktop purchase. Owning my own system will prevent issues with availability, performance, while providing the best CPU and GPU. The downside is cost and possibly maintenance.

(Devan Govender) #91

@anurag Is there any reason why training iterations would run at the same speed for the GPU-abled and GPU-disabled options?

(Anurag Goel) #92

Shouldn’t happen. Please email me from your email account registered on Crestle and I’ll look into it.

(Anurag Goel) #93

As mentioned in the course v2 thread, Crestle ran up against AWS limits. This is being fixed as we speak.

I think buying a DL desktop might be the best course of action for you especially if you plan to work on DL for a while.

(Robert Salita) #94

Thanks for the perspective. Wishing you great success. Looks like you have a handle on the recent issues.


Hey @anurag, about month ago, I could not sign in Crestle, I thought my account was deleted somehow, but I got billing mail from crestle today, you still charge me! I feel really disappointed now, I’ve sent you mail two weeks before, you haven’t replied. BTW, my account is

(Anurag Goel) #96

As discussed over email, this is now resolved. Sorry for the trouble. Your email got caught up in fraud filters because of the domain

(Helmuth Stockmann) #97

Hi Anurag, how does one “unsubscribe” from Crestle after having signed up? Cheers, H.

(Anurag Goel) #98

Send me an email from your registered account and I’ll close it.



I have registered with Crestle. Thanks for the wonderful service @anurag, I was wondering if you are still giving 25 hours of GPU access?

Ok sorry i skimmed the section where it is reduced to 10 hours, But on your site i can see only an hour of free usage?


(Anurag Goel) #101

Yes, that’s all I can offer at the moment.


Cheers mate, I guess 1 hour is good enough for setup. The cost is still low compare to the AWS P2.