Classifying Tesla cars

I just tried this for the sake of playing around. I was curious at how the Resnet34 model will perform given how similar the Model3 and ModelS cars are. I was quite surprised at the results :).
I ignored all the download errors related to content size and all that. Goes to show how robust the model is. I tried to increase the fit_cycle to 8 but started running into CUDA OOM errors. I am using GCP. Anyways great experience. One mistake I noticed is that I failed to change the learning rate interval. I tried to correct this but am landing with CUDA OOM errors. Will keep trying and share the results.

I reused the download_images.ipynb notebook but cleaned up a bit. My results:

Thanks for sharing - perhaps better to post in the existing thread rather than creating a new one, otherwise it can get pretty cluttered here!:

Yep makes sense. I just posted on the Share your work thread. @jeremy can you please delete this topic ?