Chinese and Japanese translations available - translation help wanted!

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #1

With many thanks to @hongtang (Chinese) and Tomoaki Masuda (Japanese), we now have translations for lesson 1! Additional lessons in Chinese and Japanese are, I understand, coming soon. :slight_smile:

If you can help translate the lessons into any language, we’d be most grateful. You can contribute to any of our videos through Youtube’s system:

(If you do add translations to a video, please let me know, since I have to hit ‘publish’ to have them actually appear.)

Translation of the course
(Can Yi) #2

Is there any one working on translating lesson 2 into Chinese? If not, I will happy to work on it.

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #3

Yes lesson 2 is coming very soon. Thanks for the offer though! Maybe message @hongtang to pick a different lesson to work on in parallel?

(Hong Tang) #4

Lesson 2 in Chinese has been uploaded onto Youtube a few mins ago.
We are working on lesson 3,4 and 5, If anyone would like to pick lesson 6 or later, that will be great. Thanks !

(Can Yi) #5

no problem!

(YiPeng Cheng) #6

Thanks a lot !

(KyRie) #7

你好,因为我英文不大好,我向Rachel Thomas 请教问题的时候她没法了解我说的问题,因此她让我跟您联系,请您帮我想想办法,或者把我的问题转达给Rachel Thomas,谢谢

我是一个刚刚开始机器学习的学生,很喜欢你们这门课,我也自己训练了一个猫和狗图像分类的模型,我用moudle.save的方法保存了模型和权重,但是我现在不知道我怎么用我训练来的模型去进行预测,请问可以帮帮我吗? thank you very much !

(Yousheng) #8

The Chinese subtitles of Lesson 3 has been submitted a few mins ago, please review and “publish” it. Thanks a lot!

(Hong Tang) #9

KyRie, 你好!不好意思,才看到。

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #10

非常好!谢谢你!我刚刚点击了“publish” :slight_smile:


Haha, jeremy use google translation right? In China,there’re a lot learners are learning your course, but not all of them can use English so well, so some learners can only ask question in Chinese.

(Erdem Basegmez) #12

who wants to help with Turkish translations? I have started with the Lesson 7 already.

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #13

Actually I have been studying Chinese for a few years now :slight_smile:

I hope my Chinese wasn’t so bad it seemed like an automatic computer translation… :open_mouth:

(Yousheng) #14

I submitted the Chinese subtitles of Lesson 4, please review and “publish” it. Thanks a lot!:slight_smile:

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #15

Got it - thanks heaps!

(Yousheng) #16

I submitted the Chinese subtitles of Lesson 5, please review and “publish” it. Thanks a lot!

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #17

Thanks so much @yousheng - that’s great!

(segovia) #18

求拉群 segoviaumr 谢谢啦!

(Yousheng) #19

I submitted the Chinese subtitles of Lesson 6, please review and “publish” it. Thanks a lot!

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #20

Looks great :slight_smile: