Chinese and Japanese translations available - translation help wanted!

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wechat group. 微信=wechat, 群=group

@hongtang, @justinho How can I join the wechat group, btw, do you guys need help in Chinese translation?


Chinese class time::grinning:
“微信 群” = “wechat group” , Wechat is the most widly used instant communication app in China, something like facebook messager. We have bulit some wechat group to study fastai course and share the learning experience, and I’ve shared 5 blogs about the course learning experience in Chinese, including runnuing the code from scratch, important concepts explanation, code debugging, etc. Now I’m learning the lesson6, I’m still keep writing the learning blogs, however, there are 8 more lessons need to learn and 8 more blogs to write…

#25 你搜索一下“AI100”微信公众号,里面有加群方式。

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Hi Xinxin,
Thanks for your offer. We have already finished the translation.
If you have wechat, I can drag you into the group.
Best regards,

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I submitted the Chinese subtitles of Lesson 7, please review and “publish” it. Thanks a lot!

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Wow, that’s the whole of part 1! Congratulations :slight_smile:

Any chance you could translate the titles and descriptions as well?

Are many folks in China watching the course? Any Chinese forums or discussions for it?

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Hi Jeremy,
Chinese version of titles and descriptions will be ready in a couple of days.
Here are the number of view on v.qq
#0 4647
#1 2848
#1.1 2930
#2 1960
#3 1301
#4 870
#5 715
#6 295
#7 240
Total 15806
Regarding discussiion, we formed a group with WeChat (Chinese version of WhatsApp), there are more than 500 people in the group now. If you have WeChat ID I can add you in the group.
Best regards,

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请问fast ai对应的是深度学习实战群,还是学习群

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It is the name of the WeChat group mentioned above. @Jeremy If you have Wechat ID, I can add you into the group :slight_smile:

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I got one a while ago but haven’t used it - will have to try to dig it up!

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I submitted the translation of the titles and descriptions, please review and “publish” it. Thanks a lot!

Only one problem is that the “Title & description” was “Locked” for Lesson 1 Overview

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Fantastic! :slight_smile: I don’t know why it said “locked” - I just tried turning that checkbox off and on again. Let me know if that’s fixed it for you.

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Looks like it’s not fix, it still “Locked” for me.

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hello. Are there English subtitles(file: .srt ) for videos?