CHAPTER 3: Ethics

This is one of my favourite chapters
Thank you so much to dedicate an entire chapter to it @rachel. and great Ted Talk as well.
It would be great to discuss also the ethical implications of those.

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FYI I’ve moved your “skipping ahead” posts to #part1-v4:non-beginner . Probably best to use that for stuff not yet covered in lessons. :slight_smile:

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@jeremy thanks a lot for stressing all the ethical implications in V4 even more!
much appreciated, it’s imo THE single most important topic for future applications

You’re welcome!

I agree, love this kind of thought provoking discussions, gave me a lot of new perspectives in a structured way. Thank you!

But I feel I need to point one thing out:
I noticed that most the articles that Rachel listed out for “misinformation” are “Russian” related. This hints a bit “bias” too. China (CCP) also mastered the art of “misinformation”, and kept targeting my home country, Taiwan. The U.S. media and tech giants seem to be very tolerant to CCP’s doing, even during the China-originated pandemics, but kept assuming Russia is the sole enemy.


@fischcheng do you still check this board? I’m in Taiwan and authored a “misinfo”-combatting site described here. Maybe we can collaborate!