Ethics in moderation tools

Hi FastAI and @rachel ! It’s great to see your work expand into a book that even covers data ethics. Has moderation transparency been discussed here at all? I did a quick search and did not see anything.

I’ve been working on a project called reveddit. See the FAQ for motivations. I started this project while following FastAI v1 and soon found myself spending more time learning ReactJS than PyTorch.

Long story short, the site now receives 200,000 unique visitors per month and I’d like to find more people interested in discussing or developing tools for transparency. Maybe this is the place!

I just came across this article in The Atlantic questioning whether social media users have the ability to forgive. I think we do, and we can bridge that gap by providing more insight to users, thereby encouraging better conversations. I strongly believe feedback makes us better.

If you’d like to discuss moderation transparency or work on such tools, please comment here, in r/reveddit, or ping me @rhaksw. Thanks!