[Brainstorming] Visualizing what a no-coding full-GUI for deep learning will look like

Hi All,

(This is my first post, so please inform me if this violates any of the code of conduct or anything like that :smirk:)

I have been using fastai for the past 6 months, and I do not have words to thank the creators and contributors for their amazing work with fastai. The ability to work on a very high level to create effective and efficient code and the means to go intrinsically deep into models and training is what I like most about this library.

This is what leads to an idea (which will be a full-fledge project of mine in the coming days) which is to use this simplicity to create a no-code GUI for machine/deep learning, with abilities to create a working model very fast and conveniently and also modify and experiment with the models and training as we can do in fastai.

This GUI (or a web interface) I think will be useful for working professionals in the analytics industry to quickly create models without having to learn to code, and in turn, will help develop experiment-driven coding rather than a code-driven one. Of course, this is all speculation (and my driving motivation as I am currently in the last month of my undergraduate degree and moving into the consulting industry, which heavily uses machine/deep learning). My first goal is to provide many of the functionality we love in fastai in a code-free environment.

So, since many of us on these forums are either working professionals in an ML-related industry or students who want to move to one, I would like your help to brainstorm what capabilities you would want from such a product. Any advice and help are deeply appreciated. :grinning:


I took a stab at this a few years ago and I would definitely like to revisit, time permitting.

I have been tinkering with combining a GUI with verbal commands so theoretically no keyboard either but it is in very early stages alot of work still needs to be done.

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Thanks for sharing this.
This is quite awesome and provides a good first target for this project.
I was planning to create a similar GUI but using streamlit that can be used as a web app.

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