Bing search image alternative - your own module to scrape 1st page of google

Heya folks,

Like some of you, I presume, I wanted to get an image search alternative to follow along the course. Since not all of us have credit cards or want to keep our privacy, I’ve made an alternative for that bing API.

It’s a simple .PY file that runs Selenium, fetches the first (default 100) results of the 1st page of Google, and dumps them into the same-named new folder as our search term.

The prerequisites and how-to alongside the actual file can be found here:

Disclaimer: Am a noob and this is a patched up monster with definitely some logical errors somewhere…but… it works!

Hope it helps,


P.s. Literally first time posting something on GitHub, so please be gentle :slight_smile:



Thanks a lot for sharing with us, i found lots of helpful information here, Really appreciate for help.