Asking for the help to find a place for living at San Francisco during the coming Spring 2020 course on Deep Learning Part 1

Hello everyone,

I am from India. I got an admit for the upcoming Deep Learning part 1 course which is from March 17 - May5. But, I am really unable to fund myself for the living expenses at San Francisco. Can anyone please give me a space in their home for the course duration? for which I’ll be very happy to work for them in doing their chores and help doing any of their personal works for which they don’t have time, as my course is only once in a week. I don’t have money with me but, I really want to attend the course and apply the knowledge in some pressing agricultural issues. So, I’m willing to do any works you people have if you just provide me space to accommodate me.

Thank you so much…

Congrats on your admission! I’d love to help but don’t live in San Francisco. Are you familiar with It’s not really meant for long-term but it might be another place to try messaging people and asking around. Best of luck.

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Thank you so much for you kind reply. I am thinking to stay in San Francisco because to attend local meetups and involve in study groups to work the amazing people who attend the course. But, if I couldn’t find anything in San Francisco, I’ll definitely stay in the nearby areas too(If any help from nearby areas). I don’t know about but will look through now. If you can accommodate me, can you please tell the city/area you live?

Couchsurfing is a nice community, it’s mostly for travelers looking to stay with locals to better experience the place (and save money). I’ve surfed and hosted with a lot of people (strangers) and have always had great experiences. Just follow basic precautions like making sure you stay with people who have hosted multiple people and have reviews, and have pretty complete profiles. Normally it’s hard in the beginning because with no reviews people won’t want to host you, so maybe look for some meetups or local events in your city in India and go out and meet people in the local Couchsurfing community there, or visit and stay with someone in a neighboring city, or host someone in your home, and then you’ll have a few reviews before you seek a place to stay in SF.

I’m in Louisville, Kentucky, about 3000km east of San Francisco in the middle of the US. I’d be happy to host you here for a couple days if you ever pass through.

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Thank you so much sir for your golden suggestions. I will definitely try my level best to implement your suggestions on Couchsurfing. And, I would want to meet you (there’s a week off at April 21 - no class) for sure as you’re the one who lifted my spirit of hope…

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Actually this suggestion to ask for help in forums is given to me by @jeremy himself. This community is really amazing. I will definitely contribute to this community as much as I can in whatever the way I can. The amazing course by fastai and the work samples by people in the community at first gave me confidence to become a deep learning practitioner in a practical way, and is giving me wings to build solutions to the real agricultural problems in my locality.

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Hey, that would be awesome! There’s also some chance I visit San Francisco during for a week or so during the session, but either way you’re welcome to come visit during your week off and see a different part of the country. Good luck in your search for housing and let me know if you find anyone or if you end up using Couchsurfing. Cheers.

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That’s great sir. I actually found a great person @deena-b who is ready to host me 1-2 weeks helping me getting out of her comfort zone. And, she told we’ll look for my next stay through couchsurfing… You can find the thread that she created over here SF Accommodation / Housing hacks . Hoping to meet you also soon…