SF Accommodation / Housing hacks

Hi All,
As we know it can be super expensive to find a place stay / live in San Francisco. However, to be in line with the ethics of fast.ai we don’t want that to exclude people from the opportunity to experience the community face-to-face during a live course.

If you have found a way to stay in SF on the cheap, please post your methods below.

If you live in or near SF and are willing to host a fast.ai fellow during the course, please add your forum handle and how long you can host to the “Hosts” tab of this fast.ai SF Couchsurfing spreadsheet. If you obtained an offer to join the course in person and would like a place to stay during your visit to SF, please put your handle on the “Visitors” tab of the same spreadsheet.

I started this thread because @Priyatham10 reached out to me through LinkedIn. I committed to hosting him for one week. My space is small and all I can offer is the couch or a mat on the floor, but it’s something. To have some safety construct, for both myself and @Priyatham10, we will set up his stay through couchsurfing.com. See their safety structure here. I know it’s not much, but it’s a start, please join me.

Please also post other tips that could be helpful to people who might visit from out of town, such as: what is the smallest budget that you can survive on while here?

Thank you all in advance,


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As well as Couchsurfing, another option is Trustedhousesitters - for those who like animals.

You have to pay a fee to join the network ($85/year with discount link)

Discount link: https://www.trustedhousesitters.com/refer/RAF126676/
Or discount code: RAF126676

I’m not sure if you have to pay anything while you housesit. I don’t think so, but you should check with the company.

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As you look for places to stay, check out our public transportation options. There are many, but they can get pricey as you get further away.

San Francisco Muni includes busses & trains that will get you to and from anywhere in SF (see Muni Map).

The main train systems that can bring you into SF from outside are BART & Caltrain. (See BART map and Caltrain map.)

All stations are all on google maps.


@deena-b please only at-mention a small number of people, and only when they are personally the particular people related to an issue. Especially when you’re posting an affiliate link!

Sorry to anyone who I tagged and this doesn’t apply to you. I only included people with whom I had communicated or if you liked a previous post of mine. I’ll stick to small numbers of people in future.

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This is a great initiation ma’am @deena-b. I feel very privileged going to be hosted by you. Looking forward to meeting the community and taking the course in person, learn the amazing things (technical and non-technical) and contribute back to the community.


Hey @deena-b This is a good idea. I’ll make a notion page as soon as I’m done writing it and I’ll post it here. Thanks!


Sorry to keep everyone waiting. I’ve made something like a travel guide of some sorts. Please let me know if I have answered the question notion page. I just realized you had to log in and stuff. I just removed that. Please let me know if you can see this.

@deena-b : its very good initiative

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