Arch Linux fastai

Hello guys!

Is anybody using Arch Linux (or another arch-based distro) and running fastai successfully?

I’m asking this because I’m currently using Ubuntu 16.04 in my desktop with GPU, in order to make sure that I can use fastai. However, my main OS is usually Arch linux, so I would prefer to switch.

Thanks in advance!

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I just tested up through the first call to fit() in lesson1.ipynb with a Manjaro installation and it appears to work.

The content of the paperspace setup script linked to in the Paperspace setup help thread was helpful.

Some rough notes to get things working include:

  • used anaconda from AUR
  • made a PKGBUILD for cudnn9 based on one linked to via – among other changes, made it fetch the source from what’s mentioned in the aforementioned setup script
  • installed the nvidia and nvidia-utils packages
  • rebooted to use a 3.x kernel

I hope to test the set up more thoroughly in a bit.

This is PKGBUILD file i used to install CUDNN9