Anybody located in Toronto?

(Kent) #1

I am looking for people located in Toronto for local gathering and ideas sharing. Anybody?


I’m interested.

(Kent) #3

Hi Arun, good to know that you are also into Deep Learning. Have you finished both part 1 and part 2?


Going through Pt1 right now. Super engaged, by far the best MOOC I’ve taken. Still learning, but I’m definitely interested in any deep learning meetings in Toronto.

(Chris Brulak) #5

i’m just starting out. I live in GTA but work downtown in Financial district. Meet the odd lunch hour?

(Sander Stepanov) #6

I am interested
call me 647 267 76 37
my email


Yeah that would be awesome.

(Sander Stepanov) #8

ok lets meet , call me 647 267 76 37 Sander

(Sander Stepanov) #9

ok lets meet , call me 647 267 76 37 thanks Sander

(Susan Li) #11

I just started the course, I would like to meet, work in downtown near UofT

(Susan Li) #12

I am interested in meeting. I just started the course, work in downtown

(Kent) #13

I finished both part 1 and part 2 a couple months ago and absolutely love the course. I started to dive deeper by reading papers, playing around with my own projects and meeting experts in specific domains. I do not work in downtown. If any of you live uptown (North York / Richmond Hill / Markham / Scarborough area), we can catch up in weeknights/weekends.



great, I think Yonge-Sheppard would be a short subway ride for all of us. coffee at Aroma (8 Park Home Ave.) next weekend?

(Susan Li) #15

Can I join you? I am just into Lesson 1

(Kent) #16

@arun I can’t do next weekend. The weekend after next should work for me. @susanli certainly you are welcomed.


weekend after next works for me

(Sander Stepanov) #18


(Susan Li) #19

@macro2data @arun @Sandy The weekend after next works for me too, BTW, it is a long weekend. Look forward to meeting you all

(Susan Li) #20

@arun @aifish @Sandy @brulak Hi everyone, are we meeting this weekend?



not sure about others, but i need to apologize as this weekend wont work for me - injured myself few days ago, need a bit of time out… hope to be better by Monday, but next weekend would be preferred. the upside is that I have more time to focus on the course.