Anybody located in Toronto?

(Kent) #22

Sorry guys. I was under the weather and didn’t have a chance to check the forum. @arun hope you are getting better.

How about a gathering at 1-3 pm on Saturday at 8 Park Home (Aroma)? Those who plan to join could you please respond here? I will also be available in Sunday morning, if in case any of you is not available on Saturday.

(Kent) #23

Since nobody has responded yet, let’s skip for this week and find another time. Everybody enjoy a good weekend!


sorry just saw this, didn’t show up on my feed.

still getting better but same time, same place next saturday works for me.

(Susan Li) #25

@aifish @Sandy @macro2data
Sorry I just saw this message. Let me know if we are meeting this weekend. Sat or Sun afternoon works for me. Thanks/Susan

(Kent) #26

@susanli @macro2data I will be travelling this weekend to watch the total solar eclipse, so I guess we will have to reschedule again …


can’t you just watch it on youtube???

(Kent) #28

I am at a campsite now within the total eclipse zone. The trip is also for deep sky object observation.


Nice! @aifish @susanli @Sandy @brulak - Would either of you be available to grab coffee and chat DL this Sunday?

(Kent) #30

Sounds good to me. How about 1pm-3pm at 8 Park Home (Aroma). @macro2data do you know how parking work over there on Sunday?


No idea, @aifish

(Susan Li) #32

@aifish I will be there by 2pm, See you tomorrow. This is my cell just in case: 416-727-6268

(Kent) #33

Great, let’s be there at 2pm then.

(Susan Li) #34

@aifish Hi Kent, You recommended me a great resource on deep learning on NLP (papers and conferences), Can you please remind me what it is? Thank you!


(David Nichols) #35

Just finishing the part 1 myself and located in Toronto. I’d like to join the discussion group.

(Kent) #36

Hi Susan,

You can find some latest NLP related papers from here:


(Kent) #37

@dwnichols Welcome! Let’s catch up next time when we gather.

(Susan Li) #38

@aifish Hi Kent, I recall you mentioned that you are in downtown sometimes, Let me know when it is convenient, would love to catch up. Susan

(Kent) #39

@susanli I will PM you for time and location.

(Mike Moloch) #40

Hey Toronto people! if any of you are just starting out with course 1 (like me) and would like to get a weekly/biweekly study group going let me know, If you know of one already, also please mention it.



( #41

Hey all, fellow Canuck here (abroad), made a telegram group if y’all interested to join. Would be great to get to chat to with y’all.