Announcing the "Fastai v2 Library Walkthrough" Study Group

Calling all Fastai afficionados!

Announcing a new study group to cover Jeremy’s fastai v2 library walkthroughs

Meetings are Sundays 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM Pacific Time, starting with an orientation meeting on June 7th

We’ll have 10 meetings (not including the orientation meeting), one for each walk-through video.

Meetup Schedule

I’d like to leverage the tremendous expertise in this community, so if you are interested in leading a session, please write yourself in on the schedule!

To participate in this study group, you will need the Zoom invitation.
Join TWiML to get an invitation to TWiML Slack, then join the channel #fast_ai_v2_library and you’ll find the Zoom invitation pinned at the top.