AMA Interview with Sylvain Gugger | Chai Time Data Science Podcast

Hi Everyone!

I’m excited to be interviewing another person from the team :smiley:, @sgugger on The Chai Time Data Science Podcast , the interview will be released in Video and Audio & (Later) as a blogpost

If you have any questions for Sylvain, Please send them as replies to this thread, I’ll try my best to include them.

Here’s the theme I had in mind for the interview:

  • Sylvain’s current research methodology with Jeremy-how do they team up, collaborate
  • How his work approach has evolved over the past year of working with Jeremy
  • A LOT ABOUT fastaiv2!!
  • His suggestions to contributors and future students

The interview is yet to be scheduled, but please feel free to send any/all questions. I’ll announce the deadline to post questions once we have scheduled the call.

Please, do checkout my previous interview that Sylvain was kind enough to do, this one will be a continuation of the same.

Thanks in advance and Thank you Sylvain!
Best Regards,
Sanyam Bhutani.


Thanks for the interview.

Please ask Sylvain Gugger to speak more about his software engineering history. What was he doing before fastai and how he got involved with machine learning

Thank you for the question, please checkout the prev interview where we briefly discussed this:

What were some of the most challenging aspects in building and designing fastai2? How can we best help you guys with the development?

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Please don’t share outside of the forums

Hi Everyone!
In my efforts to prepare for my US visit, I stocked up (36) enough interviews to keep my 2 week/release running while I’m doing

Now, I have a different problem, I suppose a good problem-that I have too many interviews. Which also means that this one will come out (chronologically) on the 23th of April.

So, I’m “soft-releasing” the interview here, Sylvain gives an insight into fastai2: Framework, the book and the course.

Also, here is the link to the previous interview, this one is a continuation of the same



I’m sorry it’s totally un-ML related but…

OMG I have the same SaturnV lego model in my room!!!

:smile: Sorry about that, back to normal, I can listen to this interview quietly…



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Super cool! :smiley:

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I was fun listening to chat,

how did you get hired?

and @sgugger is like

I don’t know why, just performance during the course

Now I’m reading fastai book

The course has been studied by hundreds of thousands of students, from all walks of life, from all parts of the world. Sylvain stood out as the most impressive student of the course that Jeremy had ever seen, which led to him joining

@jeremy could you be more specific? what impressed you about Sylvain? Or what stood out the most?