Alternative to MS Excel?

Hi everyone,
In github/, there are excels used by Jeremy, I tried to use google spreadsheet to open/edit them, but due to some compatibility, fail.
In the lesson2, 3, videos, and maybe in all of the videos, Jeremy would use a lot of excel to illustrate his idea. But I could not open/edit them, since online google spreadsheet is not so compatible with them.
How do you solve this issue ? To buy a Microsoft excel ? This cost $109.99, very expansive…

You can download a free trial version of MS Office from the official website.

@dsengupta16 only 30 days free trial…

@huangyingw I believe 30 days is more than enough for the course’s use of excel.
Otherwise you can uninstall and install it again.

@dsengupta16 haha, I just find a wonderful alternative: libreoffice.

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I thought LibreOffice is for Linux only.

Do any of the open source alternatives support the full range of formulae that Jeremy uses? Apple Numbers doesn’t have matrix multiplication

none of them.
I have tried OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Apple Number, Google Spreadsheet.
The closest ones are LibreOffice and google spreadsheet.
BTW, I am on Mac.

Have you tried Microsoft Excel online it is free, I have uploaded the excel files and it seems to work.

Google Sheets seems to work well for the simpler simulations.

@aymenim, thanks, that’s very cool.

I have not verified, but Jeremy may use OLE objects, which are reproduced in other implementations . If so you either must use Excel,substitute his macros for some other more portable implementation

I am using speech to text and the above is very scrambled. What I was trying to state was… Jeremy uses macro parts that are proprietary to MS . for ease, just use Excel

Later update by Jeremy: Google Sheets versions of spreadsheets

Gnumeric is pretty cool, but I am not sure if there is a Windows version.