Alternative to MS Excel?

(Ying Huang) #1

Hi everyone,
In github/, there are excels used by Jeremy, I tried to use google spreadsheet to open/edit them, but due to some compatibility, fail.
In the lesson2, 3, videos, and maybe in all of the videos, Jeremy would use a lot of excel to illustrate his idea. But I could not open/edit them, since online google spreadsheet is not so compatible with them.
How do you solve this issue ? To buy a Microsoft excel ? This cost $109.99, very expansive…

(Debanjan Sengupta) #2

You can download a free trial version of MS Office from the official website.

(Ying Huang) #3

@dsengupta16 only 30 days free trial…

(Debanjan Sengupta) #4

@huangyingw I believe 30 days is more than enough for the course’s use of excel.
Otherwise you can uninstall and install it again.

(Ying Huang) #5

@dsengupta16 haha, I just find a wonderful alternative: libreoffice.

(Debanjan Sengupta) #6

I thought LibreOffice is for Linux only.

(Jon Gold) #7

Do any of the open source alternatives support the full range of formulae that Jeremy uses? Apple Numbers doesn’t have matrix multiplication

(Ying Huang) #8

none of them.
I have tried OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Apple Number, Google Spreadsheet.
The closest ones are LibreOffice and google spreadsheet.
BTW, I am on Mac.

(Aymen Ibrahim) #9

Have you tried Microsoft Excel online it is free, I have uploaded the excel files and it seems to work.

Lesson 5 In-Class Discussion
(Brian Muhia) #10

Google Sheets seems to work well for the simpler simulations.

(Ying Huang) #11

@aymenim, thanks, that’s very cool.

(Cottman) #12

I have not verified, but Jeremy may use OLE objects, which are reproduced in other implementations . If so you either must use Excel,substitute his macros for some other more portable implementation

(Cottman) #13

I am using speech to text and the above is very scrambled. What I was trying to state was… Jeremy uses macro parts that are proprietary to MS . for ease, just use Excel

(Christian Laforte) #14

Later update by Jeremy: Google Sheets versions of spreadsheets