AI/ML Ethics, Biases, & Responsibility

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Ethics of AI/ML is relevant to the entire community. This thread is visible to all members across courses and a place to post/discuss any ethics related content. It also pulls in resources from ethics threads in course-specific categories.

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Category Title / Link Summary
General In Favor of Developing Ethical Best Practices in AI Research Best practices to make ethics a part of your AI/ML work.
General Ethics of algorithms Mapping the debate around ethics of algorithms
General Mechanism Design for AI for Social Good Describes the Mechanism Design for Social Good (MD4SG) research agenda, which involves using insights from algorithms, optimization, and mechanism design to improve access to opportunity
Bias A Framework for Understanding Unintended Consequences of Machine Learning Provides a simple framework to understand the various kinds of bias that may occur in machine learning - going beyond the simplistic notion of dataset bias.
Bias Fairness in representation: quantifying stereotyping as a representational harm Formalizes two notions of representational harm caused by “stereotyping” in machine learning and suggests ways to mitigate them.
Bias Man is to Computer Programmer as Woman is to Homemaker? Paper on debiasing word embeddings.
Accountability Algorithmic Impact Assessments AI Now paper defining the processes for auditing algorithms.
Guidelines Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI Report by EU Commission on AI Expert Group
Guidelines Ethics of AI in Radiology North American & EU Multi-society report
Guidelines ITI AI Policy Principles ITI report

Second & Third Order Effects


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@rachel, does it make sense to wikify this? Also, is there a way admins can fold other related threads into this one… I copied the links over but some of them have good conversations that we can archive under this master thread. Thanks!

@jamesrequa @init_27: pulled out content from your awesome threads so they’re accessible to all. please check if I missed anything. I couldn’t figure out a way to make the conversations also be available to all… some of them are worth reviewing often! If there is a way to pull in or embed whole threads pls let me know.

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@nbharatula great idea and thank you very much for doing this!! It looks great :slight_smile:

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thanks for posting and collecting all this valuable resources here

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