About the UTC-3 Sth America category

If you’re in South America, or in a time-zone near UTC-3, or just want to connect with folks in that group, here’s the category to do it. (Even if you’re not in that group, feel free to join in here if you wish. The same timezone will just make it easier to connect in real time and narrow down the group size so that it’s easier to connect locally.) For more information about these local categories, see this post.

I suggest that you create separate topics in this category for things like:

  • Course discussion in your native language
  • Organize virtual study groups for people in your time zone
  • A topic that sets up a system for organizing local in-person study groups (e.g. using a Google Sheets or similar)
  • Discussion of DL topics that are specific to your region
  • …or anything you think will be useful to you and your fellow students.

Be bold and creative! What ideas can you come up with which will make your learning journey better, and help you connect with like-minded people?

Note: this is a wiki thread, which means you can edit this post. Feel free to edit it in whatever way you and your fellow students decide is most helpful.