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Thank you so much for the invitation!!! I’m really exited to learn new things and applied to healthcare and medicine

This is awesome. Thanks for the invitation.

Thank you, this invite means a lot. Excited and waiting for the classes to begin. God bless you.

Thanks to Jeremy, Rachel, Sugger and all the other great people behind the scenes, as well as to the USF Data Institute. This coukd not have come at a better time for me as I have finally got my machine up to speed for the previous course! I prefer to do stuff myself so yhat I can ‘tinker’ at the edges. I too had personal distractions during the previous course and it is difficult to maintain or revive enthusiasm for such a demanding amount of learning and work.
There is something very special accompanying the ‘attendance’ of suchma course with the likes of Professor Jeremy leading from such a hard earned solid base of experience and knowledge. (And he us Australian to boot).
Great stuff guys, I’ll be ‘there’ with bells on; and will be preparing with ears pinned back.
Thanks again to all concerned,
Peter Kelly (OZ).

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Discourse doesn’t capture any information for making a map. Perhaps you can think about how best to organize study groups? Maybe create a topic for discussing this, and see what you can put together? That would be really helpful!

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Thanks for the invitation!
I think you truly are reaching your goal for democratising AI as I am still in my sophomore year in school!

Cheers everyone!

Thanks Jeremy for the invitation. Really excited for part 2.

Thank you Jeremy for this great opportunity: It’s an honour to be part of this vibrant community made of smart and enthusiast people!

“Share your work here” has become one of my favourite blog and source of inspiration: It’s incredible to see what’s happening day by day!

So thank you all for the great work: I’ll do my best to contribute!

Again, another great step forward in practicing deep learning. What else to say ? THANKS to Mr. Jeremy and All.

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I’m thrilled to be back for another go!


Thank you Jeremy for invitation. !

Thanks for the invitation!

These courses are the best and most fun I have done in a long while, wish there more using the same teaching style.

Thanks for the opportunity.

Wow! Thanks a lot Jeremy! Off I go to watch part 1 again. :slight_smile:

Yes, with pleasure. I see 2 complementary topics to launch:

  1. Get feedback from existing study groups on best practices (2017-2018).
  2. Discuss with Part 2 participants (2019) how we could collaborate locally and/or online on projects that use - in particular - Part 2 techniques.

I do this from here to tomorrow.


@pierreguillou in the past some folks have set up shared spreadsheets to organize this, or google forms. Just FYI - no need to do the same thing, but worth checking out how well they worked. Thanks!

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Super excited about this! Can’t wait to see what’s in store…


Thanks Jeremy. Looking forward to working on cutting edge problems.

Thank you Jeremy! Super excited to start this course!
Quick question: Will there be a tutorial/lesson on using callbacks with the fastai lib?
Was struggling with trying it out with the part 1 lessons :sweat_smile:

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@pierreguillou Just wanted to point your attention to this thread. We’re doing virtual meetups each week. Currently, revising Part 1 of the MOOC and switching to Part 2 once the lectures start.


Hi Michal, nice to see you! We could restart out study group Polska, what do you think?