2023 Mar. Study Cohort

If you are just starting or going to start this, would you like to form a group study?
It will be once a week virtual meetup with notes to compare and two weeks per lesson to cover the material and do some variation of the lesson. If there are enough people, then I will start.
I am in PST. It will likely be evening 8 PM.
Let me know.


Hello @imju,
Would like to be a part of the cohort, however I am in CEST time zone, and at evening 8 pm I have 6 am morning at my end. So, a bit of tough job at my end, but I think giving it a try wouldn’t be bad enough. Rest I am gonna looking to complete the course at least once this year n having a study group I believe will really help.

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks, @Yuvraj. If there are 3-5 people, then we can form a group and find a time for the group.

Hey I would be down. I’m in EST and I just started reading the book + watching lectures.

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Okay sure @imju.
Welcome @usiam.
That’s 3 of us, we can wait for a couple more, people or start, the course work anything works for me.:raised_hands:

Hey, I’m starting the course as well. I recently finished section 1.

Here’s a link to my Kaggle profile if anyone wants to connect!


I would like to join to! :hugs: I tried to use fast.ai to download the pre-trained resnet34 model but I hit a cert error and can’t download it to my local machine.

Is there a way to manually download it?

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Great! @dmosc @ideaguy3d what is your timezone? I am looking for a sync time.
I think everyone is working on lesson 1 or lesson 2.

Hey! I’d love to join as well. I’ve just finished the Lesson 2 homework, so it seems like we’d be roughly on the same page.

8pm PT on most Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays would work best for me, especially Tuesdays.

I’m interested as well! On eastern time

I am in CT, but my schedule is flexible at the moment. I know it’s common practice for asynchronous study groups to set up a Discord server (here it is) to chat, ask qs, and share stuff.

If enough people hop on the server, we might make it happen; if not, any other alternative sg!

I had no problem with downloading the model. Try it on a kaggle kernel

It shows the invite is invalid.
Not sure, but maybe you can resend it or send a qr code.

I’m also interested to join. My timezone is GMT+2. Not a great match with pacific time evenings :grimacing:

hi there, I would also be interested in joining a study group, my timezone is GMT.

Because the size of the group is growing, async works for me. @dmosc The link isn’t working. I created another one here. Fastai Mar2023 Please join.
There will be weekly checkins so we can finish this in 3-4 mo.


The Discord link is invalid for me

Sorry, am I the only one who can’t access course or docs.fast.ai for weeks now? I’d be down for a study group if I manage to watch the lessons… My timezone is GMT-3

They’ve always worked for me.

So weird, I have tried on multiple computers since the beginning of the year and it just loads forever. I’ll open a dedicated thread to this issue.