2023 Mar. Study Cohort

I am studying in Australia, anyone in this timezone would like to join me?

Hi @imju , I’m interested in joining the cohort. I’m PST.

Did anybody get an error saying vision_learner not defined? there are posts on the forum with the same issue but it turned out to be typo and got fixed, no typo in my case.
Also, I’d be happy to join, my timezone is +5.30

Hey, please join this discord server, Fastai Mar2023 for study. This link is going to be valid for the next few days. @jkarasha @PranvS

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Thank you for starting this, imju.

I’ve joined the discord.

Can you share another link for the discord? Looks like the other invite expired.

Did you try Fastai Mar2023 ? Several people joined today. Let me know if it is still an issue.

I’m interested I’m in PST time-zone.

I’m in, and thanks for organizing it @imju.

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Im in!

Hi Tom,

The cluster of stars study group is pretty good timewise for Australia. ie it is daytime, currently Saturday morning at 10am Brisbane time via discord.
Currently working through Fastai Part II, and also W&B efffective-mlops-model-development

Details: Regular Study Group - Cluster of Stars


Hi Imju, I’d like to join the study group as well. I’m on US Pacific Time.
The Discord link has expired. Can you send me an updated one?

Here is the new invite link.


I will post this info on the server for anyone interested in near Australia. We have a few attempting Part II too. Thanks, @AllenK


Hi all - Just started the course a couple weeks ago too! Would love to be part of the study group as well. I would love to join the discord group, but the link is no longer valid :frowning:

Here you go. Fastai Mar2023

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