2022 Study Group Anyone?

I am also interested in joining this group. I have covered some basics in CNNs using Tensorflow 2, and am learning Pytorch now. Lets connect.

Hey, I am interested too.

Hey guys, I’m interested too

Hey! I’d also be interested in a study group

Hi Everyone,

We have started the study group FYI. for 1/18/2022

Great Study Group with @LLisa, @willsa14, and @shagung

Here are the notes from our study group which I will also share with you via Google Docs in a private message (please add if I miss anything).

Next study group will be on 1/25/2022 8:00pm EST. I will send out an invite as well. Great meeting you all and look forward to coding alongside some very talented individuals!!!

If anyone wants to join for the next session let me know and I will add you to the invite.

1/18/2022 Study Notes

Links Shared

  1. Answers to the Questionnaire in chapter - Fastbook Chapter 1 questionnaire solutions (wiki)
  2. Lesson “0”: Practical Deep Learning for Coders (fast.ai) - Lesson "0": Practical Deep Learning for Coders (fast.ai) - YouTube
  3. Video link with top level bullet points - Fast AI Video Viewer
  4. Website with notes from a former study group - https://walkwithfastai.com/
  5. The Drivetrain Approach: A four-step process for building data products - Designing great data products – O’Reilly
  6. A deployment help thread that was useful for me - https://forums.fast.ai/t/deploying-your-notebook-as-an-app-under-10-minutes/

Homework for next week

  • Build a image classification NN and showcase your work at the next study group



Hi I’d like to join. What platform are you using to host your meeting

Could you please add me to the group as well? Thank you!

Hey Everyone :D!
I am Arhan, I live in India (GMT +5:30). I am currently on the production and deployment bit. I’d love to be a part of this group, hopefully we can find a syncing time for meetings.
Looking forward to meeting everyone,

I just realized that I missed out this week – I got my timezones mixed up and tried dialing in at 8 pm Central. (Not sure how I missed that one!)

Sorry to miss you all today! I’ll be looking out for the notes so I know what to get ready for next week.

Woops, actually same as @ Will, I seem to have goofed up my timezones. Can the next meeting please be… Around 10 PM EST or something?

Hello to everyone,

I missed also the last two weeks like @willsa14 and @Arhan so I will catch up and I hope I can join your group guys.
I will go through the part 1 and your notes.

Talk to you soon,

P.s do you guys want to create a group in discord or slack where I usually have my online university class support?

Hi @bbrown may I join, please?
Thanks :blush:

Hey! I would love to join too!
Btw, why isn’t there a new forum for 2022 on this website?

Also on EST here, would love to join the next call @bbrown !

@Danrohn I believe the topic groups (Part 1 2020, Part 1 2019, etc.) are created each time there’s a new course. I think the most recent course is Part 1 2020. The “2022” in this study group thread is just to say the study group is happening this year, but we’re going through the Part 1 2020 course. (That’s the course at https://course.fast.ai)

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Hello there! I also would love to join next call. Kindly share with me time. I am also on EST.
Best regards,

Hi Guys! please add me to the study group also

HI @bbrown I’d be really interested to join this study group please add to it! looking forward to learning and contributing

@LLisa Hi! which Udacity course is it? and is it any good?