You should also browse through Course v3

Some of us got introduced to courses through v4 which I enjoyed very much both part one and part two (You should make sure to do both parts btw, you will be one good practitioner when you do), so you might not be aware that other courses where offered before that, or you might be aware but don’t regard them as much.

So, to everyone who finishes v4 both parts, you should spend some time and browse through the v3 version which can be found here: It is absolutely not necessary because Jeremy teaches all the stuff in v4 again but he talks about a lot of stuff in those videos while he teaches where you get some good insight.

Note: Finish v4 first and do some projects in the real world as the philosophy of teaches. Don’t feel overwhelmed that you have to check out v3 so that you can be good. That will just make you jump from one course to another. Make sure you have understood v4 well before considering v3.

I usually play the videos in the background while coding my day-to-day work and when something mentioned gets my attention, I focus on that part.

I also found a good thread that I will link here: Things Jeremy says to do We should have one for v4


correct me if I am wrong.
the part 2 of course-v4 is not out, right?

Yes its not. I don’t know the ETA of it either but Jeremy said it is coming. Part two of the books/notebooks is all we have right now