YOLO V3 implementation in FastaAi

Can anybody help me to get some resources or code link which uses fastai library to implement YOLOV3?

I am looking for a fastai model that will detect only single object in an image from 7 categories of it like if i have some categories and i know that in an image only one category is present at a time. So, I have to detect that category with bounding box and its label.
From google, I had found that YOLO V3 is best in accuracy and I am not working on real-time tasks, So accuracy is more important than speed.

I would recommend looking into @farid (et al’s) IceVision project, as it makes OD easier within the fastai framework: IceVision: An Agnostic Object Detection Framework

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We are looking into integrating YOLO in IceVision as we speak. @akshat_suwalka Feel free to contact us here https://discord.gg/JDBeZYK

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