Would there be interest in a weekly beginner's only zoom?

Meaning, if I see a familiar name/username or you want to talk about the merits of Mish vs. Swish on it, you are likely not supposed to be in there :slight_smile:

I have a zoom pro account available thru my work and I’m glad to do a 1x/week session for folks new to fast.ai/pytorch/DL if there is interest. Have been through fast.ai and the v2 bits enough to be useful to others … I think :). And even if I can’t answer a question, I can help you find it yourself.

Anyways, I’m glad to do this in hopes of getting new folks up to close to Sylvain-speed.

Lmk if there is interest.



I think this is an excellent idea! And if you can’t, you could certainly bring someone who may for a short while to answer the question and then hop out :slight_smile: (Or whatever method you decide to do!) This is a great idea IMO :slight_smile:

I like it. If there are folks interested like yourself and you got time that would be great. Would like to create a set time, maybe 2-3 days after lecture and go over:

  1. Any questions from the lecture/book chapter.

  2. Run through the code and show how I learned to understand/use it professionally (e.g., tips like using pdb, copying source code over to step through it, figure out strange CUDA errors, etc…). Basically, all the stuff all of us encountered and took days/weeks to figure out .


It is a great idea thanks @wgpubs

+1 :slight_smile:

If any of you veterans are interested in joining me or just taking over one of these sessions, hit me up here via direct message. I’m glad to get as many folks involved as want to be involved.

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Is this still happening?

No. It was just held during the live run of the course. I may pick it up again whenever part 2 starts depending on interest and time.