Working with the right environment/ notebooks

I’m trying to set up the right environment for the first lesson.
I’m using Crestle and its preinstalled templates, but it doesn’t seem to correlate with the lessons in the videos.

For example, within Crestle’s notebooks directory, i.e. ./courses/fast-ai/course-v3/nbs/dl1, there are only 4 notebooks, although there are 7 lessons.

Also, the notebook for the first lesson in the video is not the same one that exists within Crestle’s template.
For example, in the video of the 2nd lesson, you can see that the data augmentation part exists in Jeremy’s notebook

while it doesn’t in Crestle’s lesson1-pets.ipynb.

Furthermore, when I ran pip show fastai, it returned
Name: fastai
Version: 1.0.0

Am I missing something? May it be that Crestle’s template is not configured properly?

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