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Could someone point me to some resources on how to integrate fastai (or machine learning/deep learning in general) with WordPress/WooCommerce. I’d like to enhance my company’s website by using deep learning to improve product search and recommendations (like what Amazon does on their website).

Is there any resource out there that gives some tips on how to do that?

My second question is: how about requirements and installation of fastai? Should the plugin run on paperspace for example? What about speed, what should I ask of my host so that the website doesn’t become too slow because of the AI plugin?

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No luck here, I haven’t seen a plugin for google/amazon recommendation api let alone for something that do not have the API yet.
My guess is that the embedding you can train with small traffic website are going to be so so and you won’t be able to see improvement in conversions anyway.

Moreover If you want to go deeper in to this I would consider session based recommendations instead of collaborative filtering available in fast ai. You will have more data to train your models and you would not need embeddings for your clients.

Nvidia has some pretty good models based on transformers GitHub - NVIDIA-Merlin/Transformers4Rec: Transformers4Rec is a flexible and efficient library for sequential and session-based recommendation and works with PyTorch.

I know that @radek is working for Nvidia on recommendation systems, so you might want to follow his twitter.