Windows or Ubuntu for AI training?

Hello! I’m getting a PC with RTX 3090 to go deeper into stable Diffusion to train different models locally! Would you be able to advise me whether to keep the current windows 10 or best to reinstall latest Ubuntu ? Thanks

Remember that there’s also the option of using WSL to have Linux under Windows. That, at least for me personally, gives you the best of both worlds since I write stuff that I want to run under macOS, Windows, and Linux …


Check out Local Jupyter From Scratch
with the following appended…

$ mamba install -c conda-forge jupyterlab
$ jupyter lab
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Yes. I came across it! Thanks, I’ll consider

I would recommend using Linux. You can also consider other Linux distributions such as Debian


This is what I find works best, too.


Go with Windows 11 and Windows Subsystem for Linux option. I recently purchased a Lenovo P620 tower with an RTX A4500 card and once you have everything installed correctly, everything works smooth. Although initial WSL setups are a pain, I repeatedly question my choices during the setup process.

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Thank you for your feedback. I installed WSL 2 without much pain,but to bring up the GUI has been a painful process and confusing. I will keep trying. In the meantime, I installed Stable Diffusion with Automatic 1111 and up and running and learning!

Not sure if you want the GUI desktop under WSL2 or if you just want to run GUI apps. I haven’t tried the former though I assume it’s possible. But the latter was easy enough when I tried. I think I followed the instructions here:

Of course, in my case I needed a few other things installed like Qt I think but that was just due to the stuff I was trying to run …

Are you on Win 10 or Win 11. I upgraded Win 10 to Win 11 simply to make using the GUI easier. AFAIK, with Win 10 you need to install an Xserver on Windows, whereas Win 11 provides the graphics card direct to Ubuntu.

To re-affirm my memory of how easy it was on Win 11, I just did a new install (Ubuntu.20.04.5 LTS) then immediately did the following…

$ ping
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install gedit
$ gedit

[Edit: I notice the link provided by @Fahim includes these.]