Windows or Linux?

Anyone have any thoughts on which OS I should consider for building a new DL machine? It will be a strong machine with several GPUs. I plan to use it for deep learning on image projects.

I plan to use pytorch but may branch out to tensorflow if it makes sense.

Windows or Linux?

Linux would be my suggestion. different python library or (other language libraries ) updates will be coming to linux faster than windows(if at all if the library exists for windows in the first place).

What about device drivers i.e from NVIDIA?

They work on linux. And with nvidia’s push to AI, they will provide support continuously.

Using Windows (with an NVIDIA GPU) is possible, although not straightforward or supported, and not recommended for beginners

from FAQ:


I would say, soon, we should be using more virtual instances to do all these computational overload stuff rather than using our laptops for it. So, it doesn’t matter. Using linux virtual instance should work.

It totally depends on the user that which OS or operating platform will be good for the user. It can be Windows and It also could be Linux. I am using Windows and from the past few days, I am having an issue of Microsoft compatibility telemetry high disk. I need it to be fixed.