Windows or Linux for new Deep Learning Box

I am planning to build a PC for mostly deep learning (and maybe some gaming)
I got a 500GB ssd and 2TB HDD

Still not sure what OS to use… I used linux before and they are cool :sunglasses: but on the other side I do research and my favourite Lecturer uses windows :man_shrugging:t2:

Please give me your opinions :facepunch:t2:

With Linux, much more help is available here from your machine learning community. Because with Linux, someone has usually already seen your problem and solved it. With Windows, more problems, less help.

You don’t have to pick one or the other. I use a dual boot Ubuntu/Windows PC. You select the OS during boot. It’s not hard to set up - search for tutorials.

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Thank you for your answer… I’m just not sure what I should focus on :man_shrugging:t2:

Duel Booting windows and linux can be a good option, just know there are headeaches. It used to be nice but now W10 doesn’t play well with Ubuntu, so you’ll need to reboot a few times to get windows up after you booted linux last (IIRC 2). Personally, I just went full Ubuntu for awhile, but I did enjoy having both :slight_smile:

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Just another datapoint: I have had no problems at all using dual boot for Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (GRUB bootloader).

I’m just not sure what I should focus on.

I am not clear on your uncertainty. For this course and machine learning in general, Linux definitely. Any other focus would depend on your other needs and interests. For example, I fire up Windows only for VC++ software development, Turbotax Business, and SSD firmware updates.

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+1 on dual-booting Win10 and Ubuntu with GRUB. I have not had any problems with it. Not sure what you meant by “W10 doesn’t play well with Ubuntu”, @muellerzr?

I do my DL on Linux exclusively – have not even tried to get things setup to run anything in Windows…!

(Part of the reason is because I tend to use Docker and Singularity containers in the multi-user HPC cluster environment at work, and those container tech are not very Windows-friendly…)


Sure, I’ll go into it :slight_smile: Basically the behavior I noticed when I had linux with W10 was lots of blue screens and reboots and most of the time I had to do 2 reboots to get onto windows ( here is one example. Besides that headache though that was honestly it, just doing it many many times and my patience runs out. Glad to know you haven’t had that experience!

Ah right. The thread you linked to seems to suggest people having problems with Fast Startup, and/or presumably different variants of Fast Boot. I can also imagine many different things that probably can go wrong (including differences in the boot partition for UEFI vs. traditional BIOS). I guess some of us got lucky with our setup ; )

Sounds like you got everything covered with your full Ubuntu setup though. I guess you can always buy another Windows laptop/machine if you miss Clippy… =P

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Is Windows Subsystem for Linux an option for you? I have use it and it works nicely…

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Does WSL allow GPU passthru, now? It did not in the past. For this reason, the inability to train using the GPU was the reason most did not use WSL.

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Oh I didn’t realize this.

TBH I haven’t used WSL for any deep learning experiments yet and mainly for some other work.

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Well, I thought if I want to get a game during the Covid Apocalypse I will get it on windows :man_shrugging:t2:

that’s not a problem I think for me… Will you able to run a game with no issues?

I don’t understand: you want to run a game through Linux?

Sorry @ilovescience ! I would like to use the PC for Deep Learning but of course for some gaming. But windows is the best for this

Yes Windows is best for gaming. But Windows Subsystem for Linux will not work for Deep Learning if you want you use your computer’s GPU. Hence, it is probably not the best option for doing Deep Learning locally on your computer. Instead dual-booting might be a better option.

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Thank you @ilovescience! I will stick with Ubuntu for now.
I found this as well for gaming on Linux:

And I hope @jeremy can give us a list of stuff he loves about windows so we can evaluate his opinion :slight_smile:

so you should use the Windows operating system while learning and playing games, it will be better

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why is not straight to linux @doithuong?