Windows 10 attempt at lesson 1. "Error No module named 'fastai' I've tried quite a few things, please help

HI guys,

Completely new to the site and I wanted to try using my computer since it has a built in NVidia GPU before I tried the fancier stuff.

I followed the Windows 10 instructions as posted by Jeremy Howard. I got everything installed, I thought, and then I went into “Conda Prompt” and typed in “activate fastai” and then went to Jupyter and got that error.

I also tried instructions posted by another user where I switched the kernel to “fastai Custom” to no avail.

I also tried going into anaconda navigator, going to the Fastai environment and then launching jupyter from the Fastai environment to no avail.

Pleeeease someone help

import sys

sys.path.append(“Direct path to fastai folder”)

//in my case it was C:\Users\user-name\github_pro\fastai

write these lines before importing fastai