Will the course be updated for fastai v2?

Will the course be updated for fastai v2? I’m taking the course and it feels a tad outdated when I try to apply what I’ve learned to Kaggle because the api has changed a lot since the time of this course.

Jeremy goes over RF in the new course to be released later this summer. The tabular portion is partial the Intro ML and partial the fastai course we’d expect

Is there a new course coming up ?

Yes. The new part 1 just finished a few weeks ago, so it should go live for the public when they release their new book.

Nice !

Thanks for the update. This was on my mind as well. I’m a few of videos in and I think it’s probably a good idea for me to continue but concentrate on bigger picture and the specifics for my projects and wait until the updated course to go through it again and to go in further depth on topics.